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Hi, I am Megan.

I'm a recent graduate of nursing school and am beginning my first job as a registered nurse on an Oncology floor. I started this blog while I was a senior in nursing school. Initially I wanted a place to just document what experiences I was having. Somewhere along the line, I realized that there are a lot of nursing students like me who were searching for answers and support. Realizing the need for a community to support and encourage pre-nursing students, nursing students, and registered nurses, the blog sort of took off from there. I love being able to share my tips and tricks for success in nursing school and post grad life. I am also very pleased to be documenting my own challenges in my first year working as an RN.  

In my personal life, I am dating an amazing man who just happens to be in the military. We currently live in two different cities and are learning how to handle the distance. At home I have two dogs, a Papillion mix named Spot and a French bulldog, Leonard.

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