Aren't you too young to be my nurse?!?!

July 27, 2015

Hey guys,

Something I get a lot during clinicals is patients asking me how young I am? Sometimes it is not a good thing that people think I look like I am thirteen. (And I am sure my face gets red with embarrassment.) Maybe when I am older this will be a flattering thing and work to my advantage; but, when I am trying to be someone's nurse it is not. 

Patients usually associate age with experience. I do not blame them for that, but then it means that I am not "experienced enough" to take care of them. I have not had a patient "fire me" from being their nurse, but I have had to explain my skills. 

When this usually happens I just try and reassure my patient that I am in fact qualified to provide them care. I explain to them what I will be doing before I proceed. If it is a shot or something else invasive I make sure to let them know I have done it before. Even if that just means on the sim man at school. Act confident and truly know what you are doing and no one will know it was your first time on a human being. I also make sure to strike up some conversation that does not revolve around being in the hospital. It takes them a little while to warm up to me, but at the end of the day they seem satisfied with my care. 

It really is hit and miss when a patient will make this comment to me. So far it has been older gentleman and mothers of young children. Older women just seem to love me and want to chat. 

What weird comments have you guys gotten during clinicals before? Leave a comment down below. 

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