BadgeBlooms Review + Giveaway !!!

July 31, 2015

Hey guys,

Sophomore year for me was thrilling! I was finally in the nursing program and about to start clinicals, but the uniforms were such a drag. Do not get me wrong, it was great feeling official in our scrubs, but I looked liked everyone else and there was no way to showcase who I was. Until I found BadgeBlooms!

BadgeBlooms is a shop on etsy located in Chicago. Melissa, the owner, is also a fellow nurse and making big changes in the badge reel industry. Her badge reels provide a way for you to show off who you are without breaking the bank. She has everything to fit your interests and hobbies. And if not you can always ask her for customization. She really is a sweet lady!

The badge reels come in an adorable box that I use to store them in. My favorites are the felt holiday ones because it adds a little cheer. But good luck just picking one that you like because they are all so cute! Check them out here.

The reels themselves are of good quality. All of mine have lasted me two years or more. One of which was constantly pulled by an adorable little boy. Even after the abuse the reel has held up. I really do not have a fear of my badge coming off. 

Melissa has graciously agreed to give one lucky reader their own badge reel of their choice. The giveaway is open until August 4, 2015 at 12 am (US residents only please). Use the widget in the sidebar to enter or here. One winner will be chosen at Random. I will contact them by the email provided.

Good Luck and a big thank you to Melissa at BadgeBlooms!


  1. This is my third time trying to post a comment so if you get three from me I'm sorry. LOL
    I love the felt heart on her etsy site but I would have to pick the bling ones as my favorite!!!

    1. Hi Tiffanie, I have heard that some people have not been able to comment and am working on it! Also the felt heart has been on my "to buy" list!

    2. Just bought a friend a "don't be tachy" reel from BadgeBlooms as a gift for after she takes the NCLEX on August 19th! Good Luck Emily!

  2. My is my motivation, my husband is my encourager, and my best friend is my inspiration.

  3. I am my motivator! And my son! Before he was born I really had no support from my family. Everything I wanted to achieve was stupid or I didn't do it well enough. My son (and my hubby) help me fight to get through school because I want to be able to support our family like my husband does

  4. My family is my inspiration! My husband is the best support, and my children are very understanding also. If it weren't for them I'm not sure I could make it through nursing school.

  5. I became a nurse because my sister had cancer and the nurses who took care of her were truly incredible, I wanted to be just like them. So now I am a nurse in pediatric oncology and I love it. The nurses who cared for my sister are my inspiration and so is my little sister!

  6. I became a nurse because my little sister had cancer and the nurses who cared for her were truly incredible and I wanted to be just like them growing up! So now several years later I am a nurse in pediatric oncology and I love it. The nurses who cared for my sister are my inspiration and so it my little sister.


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