charMED Stethoscope Bling: Product Review

July 22, 2015

Hey Guys,

So I am super excited to tell you about this awesome company called charMED- stethoscope "Bling"! They are created by a physician who wanted to brighten up her appearance and other medical professionals while at work. She created, with the help of a San Diego artist, beautiful stethoscope charms that can easily be attached and rearranged. They have such a wide array of charms ranging from solid colors, to monograms,and ribbon causes. Look how cute they are. 

charMED kindly sent me the "violet" charm and it is simply too cute to put into words. 

It was easy to "snap on" and fits snugly on my stethoscope. They enclose a foam insert for an even tighter fit if you wanted. As a young nurse to be I do not want to just look like all the other nurses. These charms allow me to still add a little bit of flare to my uniform. It also makes me stethoscope easy to identify. An even added benefit is that the metal they are created with is easy to clean and naturally resistant to bacteria! You clean them the same way you do your stethoscope. Perfection! 

Being a healthcare professional does not mean I have to be stuck with boring scrubs or having the same stethoscope look. charMED bling allows me to make a statement while keeping infection control in mind. They really made my patients smile and I got a lot of "how cute" comments while wearing it. 

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Be sure to shop their site here. CharMED is offering 30% off right now until the end of July 31, 2015 when you use coupon code Summer30.

Let me know what you think or if you have bought some or are planning to. I am looking into getting the bracelet! 

Please note: I was compensated for this review but this is my honest review and opinion.  


  1. OOOOOOH so cute. I need the violet one...and the coffee one...and the S. Is it cool if I fill my entire stethoscope with these? Yes? Ok cool


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