Medical Scrubs Collection Review

July 30, 2015

Hey guys,

About a week ago I was contacted by Medical Scrubs Collection to review their latest scrubs. Of course I was ecstatic and said yes! Now I get to share my thoughts with you. 

First off, Medical Scrubs Collection has an amazing website with everything you may need. It is also easy to navigate which is a major plus in my book. If you are need of anything I suggest you look here first. Their customer service is also extraordinary. Check them out here.

Now on to the review. I choose to try the Infinity line by Cherokee. These scrubs are new and feature antimicrobial technology. Can I get an AMEN for not having to bring germs home with me anymore?!?!?! The Infinity line is different than the Code Happy line because it is athletic-inspired scrubs. The pants have a yoga top waist which I absolutely love. And they do not slip or fall down when you are bending over. 
The back features a rib knit panel that really allows your clothes to breathe. Both the top and bottom are wrinkle free for easy care. Another plus.
I have worn them a couple times now and I must say that I do like them. They are much softer than my dove school uniform scrubs so it took some getting used to. But now they honestly are as comfortable as wearing your favorite sweatshirt and yoga bottoms. The only thing that bothers me is the lack of extra pockets. Both the pants and the top have two deep pockets each. The top also has a hidden phone pocket. I wish that the pants had a side cargo pocket for some added storage. 

A big thank you to Medical Scrubs Collection for allowing me to review some of their products. Be sure to follow them on their social media sites and order a pair of scrubs for yourself. They offer embroidery and amazing discounts for group orders. Be sure to call to place a group order. 

Medical scrubs Collection Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Please note: I was compensated for this review. However, all opinions are honest and my own.  


  1. I have the infinity line by Cherokee and I absolutely agree with the pockets. I cannot remember how many times my pockets have been completely stuffed with papers and supplie. There's a handy side pouch organizer that wears like a belt with plenty of organization and space but still not too bulky or uncomfortable to wear. I don't know the brand but I've seen so many nurses with the exact same side pocket accessories I know it's essential to busy nurses and nursing students!

    1. Christine, these 2 pocket organizers might be what you have in mind:
      Feel free to contact us for more assistance!

  2. Hi Megan,
    Thanks for the awesome review! This week's specials on our site are up to 40% off print scrubs and Cash Back on all orders over $49! We've passed on your feedback about the lack of pockets to Cherokee. Here's to hoping they'll improve it with next season's collection. :) For more pockets you might want to try the Dickies Xtreme Stretch pant 82011:
    Happy shopping!

  3. Antimicrobial? Say what!?
    Going to have to get me some of these

  4. Once I washed these scrubs I ran the scrub top in the dryer on medium until dry, then tried them on once again to test for shrinkage. They still fit the same as before I washed them.


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