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July 28, 2015

Hey guys,

So I have debated posting this post for probably two hours now. Mainly because I did not know if anyone would actually care or would read it. But then I decided to post it because I made this blog for the purpose of documenting my journey. And that does not only include tips and tricks for nursing school.

First off, sorry that this post is so late. If you follow me on Instagram than you already know I moved into my new place for the school year and did not know the WiFi password. Y'all let me tell you WiFi is a serious matter! But luckily we figured it out and so here I am.

Well instead of having a four month summer I had a three. This is because I took an amazing offer to do private home care for a lovely family near my school. Moving back to where my school is was emotional for me this time. In the past three years my mother has always been there and for once I was doing it on my own. (Yes, I love my mother and am very close to her.) I was also nervous that I would hate my job. I've never done a "live-in" care situation. Sure I am used to going to other peoples homes through my home health agency, but this is not the same.

You should know that I love being in the comfort of my own home and being with family. So far I have been here for 7 hours and it is going way better than expected. I get along well with the family and I actually feel comfortable. I really am excited for what the next year holds for me.

Guys, I have a big room to decorate so if you have any cute decorating ideas then send them my way. Also, do you think I should finally join the iphone world? I currently have a samsung galaxy 3.

So that is my current situation. What is yours?

P.S. I have some really exciting posts coming up! One includes new scrubs that I am obsessed with, my answers to your questions (finally) and there might just be a giveaway! Get excited!

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