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July 18, 2015

Hey guys! A couple of people have asked me what courses I take for my BSN program. So here it is...

My Freshman Year (Pre-Nursing Major)

For both my fall and spring semester I take my pre-reqs. This includes chemistry, A&P 1 and 2, human development, nutrition, and a transition nursing course once accepted into the program. 

A&P was hard for me. I am not good at memorizing (which came in handy later for nursing classes since you cannot perform well on tests with memorization alone) and struggled to perform well. I was getting C's on the first two exams before I went and talked to the professor. This really helped as I ended the semester with a high B. I love chemistry, so I had no problem there.

Sophomore Year (Nursing Major!)

Sophomore year is all med-surg. The first semester in Adult Health 1 we learn assessments and some basic clinical skills. These skills include vital signs, head to toe, changing a bed, and baths. The second semester of Adult Health 2 focuses more on the signs and symptoms of diseases now that we know how to assess our patients. I also take microbiology, nursing pharmacology, and statistics.

They say this is the hardest year because you have to adjust to actual nursing classes and going to clinical. I'll post a survival guide to clinical soon!

Junior Year

Junior year is a busy time. One semester you are finishing out Adult Health with Adult Health 3 which focuses on critical care. The other semester you focus on both Peds and OB. Additionally I have a nursing research course were we do a critical analysis of a nursing research article. Preparation for senior year also begins here with abnormal psychology. 

I absolutely loved my OB/Peds rotation. I did not necessarily like my Peds because I found the children difficult for medication administration. But my OB rotation was so amazing! I had the best patients who really let me get hands on experiences. I also had rock star nurses.

Senior Year

All the details about my senior year will be on the blog soon! I start school again in September, so stay tuned!

If you want me to go into anymore detail, then leave me a comment. I am happy to share. I would also love to know what classes you are taking.


  1. If you don't mind saying where are you attending school for the nursing program???

    1. Unfortunately at this time I will not be talking about my school just for privacy issues. As well as my views/opinions do not reflect my institution.

  2. Hi Megan! Can you share how you passed A&P 1 (or 2)? Im having a hard time with A&P 2.


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