Nursey Shows: Save My Life: Boston Trauma

July 20, 2015

Last night on ABC, Save My Life: Boston Trauma aired. It seems similar to NY Med last summer which was so awesome! If you do not know who Katie Duke is then you have not met my #dealwithit nurse idol. (She is now a NP!)

This is ABC's 6-part summer series of a "real-life" ER at Boston Medical Center, Massachusetts General and Brigham and Women's. If you get queasy easily, then I do not suggest you watch it. There is blood, disfigured limbs, and some crazy patients. It is a bunch of scenes from medic calls that are followed into the ER. But this is real life drama and excitement!

This show reminded me of some of my own clinical experiences. I loved my rotation in the Trauma Bay and listenin g to the nurse receive radio report from paramedics. My school also did an exciting pair up with a local paramedic school. (I will share stories from that later and a funny picture.) Also, the police officers response to the resident's first time is how I feel when everyone finds out I am a student nurse. Just like the elderly women at the end of the episode, I have been asked why I am single because I am so pretty or a comment on how young I look. I have found that elderly women are great to talk to.

Overall, I enjoyed the first episode and think I will continue to watch it over the summer. Let me know your thought on the show if you watched it or if you plan to watch it.

P.s. look at this love we got on twitter from the show! How awesome.


  1. I had no idea about this show! I'll have to check it out.

    1. Tiffanie, thanks for your comment. You should check it out! At the end of the episode they mentioned another series called Boston EMS! Loving all the real life medical shows right now.


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