Nursing Questions: Q&A

July 27, 2015

UPDATE: I will be posting my answers to your questions soon!! So look forward to it! Thanks so much for all your participation. 

Hey Guys,

I would love to answer any of your questions in an upcoming post. This can range from what I carry to clinical, to what I eat, or how I study for exams. Any question is welcome!! Leave your questions below, through email, on instagram, or tweet me. 

P.S. I will leave this open for a little while so that everyone gets a chance to ask something, if they want.


  1. What kind of bag or items do you bring with you to clinical?

  2. How do you study for exams with so much to learn? Also how early do you start revising?

  3. Hi I enjoyed your post and wanted to know what do you carry to clinical and what is your study schedule like?

  4. How do you prepare the week before an exam? What sources do you use to supplement your books and lectures notes? Also, what do you do the night before an exam?

  5. Last chance to ask any questions!! I will be posting my responses this weekend (:


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