Nursing Bootcamp: School Supplies

July 29, 2015

Hey Guys,

I know I have briefly mentioned some clinical supplies before, but I want this post to focus on the ins and outs of school supplies that I use on a daily basis.

I was going to go to Target (my favorite place) and take pictures of what I am referring to, but unfortunately they do not have all their school supplies out. Boo! 

Let's begin

Having pens are absolute must to write with. I like to take notes in color sometimes to just keep me awake more in class. My favorite pens are the Papermate Inkjoy. Get them in retractable so you do not lose the caps.

TWO// Notebooks
Having a college ruled notebook makes it easy for you to jot down notes in class and keeps them contained. Want more organization? Try a binder with taps and loose leaf paper. Or just add tabs to your notebook pages.

THREE// Highlighters
Y'all have seen that picture floating around the internet where an entire nursing book page is highlighted yellow. Well yup, that happens. My favorite highlighters are by Post It. They have one side that is a highlighter with flags and the other side is a black ball point pen. Perfect for taking notes with!

FOUR// Post Its
Do I even need to explain? Buy them and use them to make important notes on. If you rented your books and cannot highlight in it, then use post its to leave notes on the pages.

FIVE// Simple Calculator
This is used when doing IV calculations or med math. Target usually has them for $1.

SIX// Planner
Another do I even need to explain? nope. Stay organized my friends.

SEVEN// Water bottle
Water is important for life. You especially need to bring it with you to clinical.

EIGHT// Nursing books
How can you study without those bad boys that broke the bank? Trust me, I know. Some semesters I have even rented them because I knew I was not going to look back at my pediatrics book.

Leave a comment down below what school supplies are your favorite.


  1. Ugh.... Nursing books. They are ridiculously expensive. Mine were around $800.
    My favorite school supply is definitely pens! Without a good pen you nothing! I'm loving the Acroball pen by pilot .... You should try it!

  2. $800 is better than my schools $1000. But we also got ebooks with that.

    I will have to check out those pens! Do they smear easily? I always end up with ink on the side of my hand even though I'm right handed. LOL

  3. That's true! In sure I will be spending more ace I haven't purchased my scrubs or anything yet.
    The pens do not smear .... They are wonderful.


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