Product Review: Nabee Socks

July 12, 2015

When I first started clinicals, I found that at the end of the shift my feet were tired and achy. Standing all day was not something I was used to. Then I discovered Brian Parker and his company Nabee Socks. After reading how they work and their amazing benefits I bought a pair.

Nabee socks are graduated compression socks with style! And boy do they make my feet feel good at the end of a 12 hour. I hardly even realize I am wearing them. They are easy to put on and enough toe room to not bother you. These socks were made with us nurses in mind!

Check them out at and enter to win a free pair at

Please note: Product was purchased with my own money and this is an honest review.


  1. These look so cute ! Thanks for sharing. I'd love to see more reviews.

    1. Glad I could help. I will be doing more reviews, so stay tuned!


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