Saunders Comprehensive Review: NCLEX

July 19, 2015

Hey guys, 

I mentioned in this post that I was planning on working my way through a comprehensive review book for the NCLEX during the summer and throughout the school year. Well I finally decided on a book. And here it is...

Quick reasons why I choose this book. 1. I plan on paying for Kaplan when I graduate so I did not really need to buy a test taking strategy book. 2. I still have a ways till NCLEX so it needed to be something "light". 3. It is always beneficial to brush up on knowledge. Thus a comprehensive review book sounded good to me. 

The book itself is divided into units. Each unit has a pyramid of terms along with some questions at the end of a chapter. The chapters are organized into an outline format with diagrams, boxes, and red exclamation arrows alerting you to something important. 

So how do I plan to actually use the book? Well I am going to go through 1-2 chapters a week. That's it. If at the end of reviewing the chapter I don't pass the quiz with 80% or more than I will review it again. It is as simple as that. I can also use the mental health sections during my spring semester.

Want to know what other supplemental books I have used? Then leave a comment down below! Also tell me what books you have used.

Disclaimer: Images come from Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN examination (6th ed.) by Linda Anne Silverstri.


  1. I start the nursing program next month and I bought this book. I'm glad it seems like a good book.... I've had lots of recommendations to get it.

    1. Tiffanie, congrats on getting into nursing school. This book will be a great resource. It really takes the fluff out. If you have any questions during school or want me to make a post on anything please contact me and let me know. I really want to be a resource available for other nursing students.

  2. Great blog! I really love the way you share on your knowledge about this field the idea you share is more useful for classes


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