Tips for New Nursing Students

July 23, 2015

Hey guys,

I wanted to write a quick post on my four tips for new nursing students before the first day of classes:

  1. Sit in the front of the classroom. Seriously guys this will allow you to avoid the distractions of other students browsing the internet. It happens.
  2. Do not be afraid to ask for help. I think a lot of new nursing students are intimidated by their professors and do not want to appear "dumb". It is really the exact opposite. When you ask questions you are taking control of your learning! If you are too shy to ask during class than email your professors or ask them at office hours. If I did not do this in med-surg II, then I probably would not have passed. My professor gave me amazing advice on how to study and I passed with a B+! 
  3. Know what kind of learner you are. So there are three main categories of learners: auditory, visual, or tactile. Of course that does not mean you strictly fall into one category, but by knowing how you learn will help you know how to prepare. In nursing school you will come across a thousand and one ways of studying or note taking. Finding a way that works for you in the beginning of school can help set you up for success on exams. I am really a mixture of all three learners. I look at videos and pictures of the disease or surgery that my patient has. I re-write my notes following a lecture. And I listen to my lectures before an exam. I do it all!
  4. Study with a group! You really can gain knowledge from your peers. Not everyone learns and remembers something the same way. If someone is struggling with a topic that you know really well then you have an opportunity to teach them. Teaching someone material is a great way to study and test your own knowledge. 
Your nursing school will become like your family. Cherish the bonds you make.  
What are your tips for new nursing students? Have a questions for me? Leave a comment down below. 


  1. Another tip, sit by someone who takes great notes! You saved me from losing it in Adult health 3. I could not have done as well without you, Mighty Nurse Megan.

    1. Aww thank your Christine! But really we helped each other succeed. It is all about teamwork in nursing!


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