Why I chose nursing school?

July 10, 2015

So I do not have some magical story on why I chose nursing school. I did not have the privilege to go on mission trips and fall in love with providing God's care. Nor do I have anyone in my family who is a nurse or doctor. However, I did have a love for science and a fascination with the human body. My family's doctor was actually the one who got me to think about healthcare. He was always telling me how wonderful it is and that I was a smart young adult. (My mother suffers from a medical condition that at times left her unable to leave bed. I was the one to take care of her since my father abandoned us.) When I found out my high school offered a certified nursing assistant course during the year I signed up right away. I figured it would be a good way to have my foot in the door to see if I liked it. Immediately, I fell in love with what I was learning and looked forward to my clinical days. I did my rotation in a rehabilitation home and really connected with a few of the residents. I knew that this somewhere I would like to be. I loved the way I could be there for a resident at one of their most vulnerable times. I loved feeling like I truly made a difference in someone lives. And of course I love taking care of others and can handle stress pretty well.

I began looking for nursing schools close to home and was between two schools. Both met my qualifications of being small, guaranteed graduation in four years, and Christian. I ultimately chose the one with the advanced simulation room, although it was more expensive (which provided some stress). 

I struggled my freshman year with A&P and really began to doubt if I was meant for this. I talked with my professor who described my studying as being able to sing a song's lyrics when I heard the music, but when ever it shut off I would not know the words. I began to change how I was studying and saw improvement. I got accepted to nursing school in the Spring of 2013. (My freshman year is considered prenursing where I complete my prerequisites and then apply for the actual nursing school.)

I really put my faith in God for Him to show me that this is truly where I am supposed to be. I've had a couple big reassuring moments. One was that God has provided the financial means for me to continue my schooling year after year (I come from a single mother household who makes less than 30,000 a year) and another was when I actually won a Littman Cardiology III stethoscope. (How cool is that! I will share about this moment later.) Through my clinical experiences thus far I can say that nothing makes my heart feel as full as it does now. 

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