Shopping Addict? + Nurse Born Product Review

August 6, 2015

Hey Guys,

So you might have noticed that I have sort of a shopping addiction with buying all things "nursey". I swear it is not as bad during the school year because I get busy with things. But when summer rolls around I start losing room in my closet. Yikes! How many are also like me?

Since we are on the topic of shopping...I wanted to share with you this awesome stethoscope holder that is made by nurses for nurses. Nurse Born Products created the lotus stethoscope holder that decreases neck strain, headaches, and forward neck posture associated with the weight of your stethoscope. I hate wearing my stethoscope around my neck so I wanted to give it a try. Nurse Born Products kindly agreed to let me try it out (thank you!). I decided to get the color black to not clash with the raspberry of my scope. 

First thoughts when opening it was that it had a nice curve to it to easily fit with your waist and that it was light weight. The lotus holder is easy to attach to your waistband and you forget that you are wearing it. I had a little bit of trouble attaching my stethoscope because mine is starting to get a weird kink making it only want to lay one way. I followed the picture and hooked my bell and one ear piece into the clip. (Sorry I did not get any photos of me actually wearing it because my scrubs are dark.)

So far I have been loving it! I like not having it around my neck and at the end of my shift I can just clip it to my bag. During my shift, I was amazed at how light it felt attached to my hip. It did take some getting use to that it was attached to my hip, but now I prefer it that way. Overall, it truly is easy and comfortable. I suggest checking them out here to get yourself one as well. This product is sold at a great price and is truly worth your money!

P.S. Nurse Born also sells the book I am currently reading Becoming Nursey by Nurse Eye Roll aka Kati Kleber. I think it is a great book for soon nurses to be. 

Please note: I was compensated for this review. However, my review is 100% real and honest.


  1. I put mine up for safe keeping, and of course had not been able to find it until the other day... Now I'm excited to use it next semester. I have the same stethoscope, so I am glad to see it works :)

    1. Jane, It works amazingly it! Glad you found it and can't wait for you to start using it.

  2. I'm loving your bag in the picture. Where did you get it?

    1. I got my bag from It is the code happy tote bag. You can read all about it here


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