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August 31, 2015

Hey friends,

So I am very excited about the watches Christine and I were able to review from The watch itself is a clip-on silicone fob. It was created with the intend to keep bare below the elbows. You can read more about that here

Christine and I each got to try out a different fob, thank you Leslie! My first remark as I got the package was that they were so cute and I loved the way the silicone felt. My second was that it had more weight to it then I thought and was worried how it would pull on my V neck scrubs. After trying it, I can say that the weight is not a concern. 
Christine's Polka Dot Teal with white dial

Why do I love these watches? I love that they were created for the nurse in mind. They allow you to be bare below the elbow (infection control) while keeping the time in a convenient spot for you. Just simply look down to keep track of time. No more hassle of turning your wrist or taking your watch off to scrub your hands. You can also easily pop the clock out of the fob for cleaning as well. 

Christine loves them because they are useful. She loves that there are so many different design options to choose from to really express yourself. It is just another way to dress up your scrubs. Another key feature for her is that she does not have to wear a watch on her wrist and worry about fluids or bacteria covering it. 

The watches feature a second hand and military time (WooHOO!). The font size is also easy to see. They come with a limited 2-year warranty and a spare battery. 
Megan's round Royal Tapestry with luminescent dial

The only thing I cannot attest to is how it is during a night shift, but they do make a dial that features the technology to make it glow at night. The white dial also has the luminescent part at the ends of the clock hands. (Sorry I do not know what it is called that makes it glow.)

I really suggest checking them out here and ordering yourself one for clinicals! You can use coupon code MNMS10 until September 30th, 2015 for 10% off any purchase. Let me know which pattern or style you get.

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