Concept Maps

September 20, 2015

Hey friends,

Concept maps are a very important part of nursing school. Not only do they sometimes look as chaotic as your life, but they demonstrate relationships between topics. Showing relationships or connecting ideas helps reinforce your understanding of topics. It forces you to actively learn by creating links...And we all know how important learning concepts is rather than memorization. 

Generally there are two types of concept maps: tree, circle or a flow chart diagram. Neither is better than the other. It is simply based on your preferences.

A tree diagram allows you to branch off of one main point and multiple sub-points. 

A circle diagram has no visible ending. Think of this one like how communication flows...continually from one thing to the next and back again.
The most commonly used concept map style is a flow chart. A flow chart allows you to list each step in the process as it occurs.

Before deciding which style to use, you must decide what is your main idea. Than brainstorm related information off of it...definitions, equations, important signs to look for, or lab values. After gathering all the related information it is time to arrange on the page. Remember to place smaller details further away from the main idea.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you want more elaboration or actual examples.

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  1. Ugh. Concept maps are not my friend. I guess I'm just not used to them yet. Lol


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