What I bring with me to clinical

September 3, 2015

Hey friends,

This post is going to be simple because it contains all the fun stuff that I bring with me to clinical. I know I have talked a little bit about clinical on the blog before, but I wanted this to focus on the things I have within my reach at clinical. 

One// White Coat Clipboards by MD Pocket
I recently got to try these amazing fold in half clipboards that do not crease your paper and feature tons of great nursing references on the outside. There is a pain scale, normal lab values, normal ABG values, injection sites, and a little bit about EKGS. MD Pockets also makes yearly stickers to place over the ones on your clipboard to stay up to date on information. I love having this with me at clinical because it is great to keep information private and all in one place. It also has my name on it so no one will take it! 

Two// Badge Reference Cards
These tiny cards are super powerful! Just like my clipboard they feature tons of great information on them. What makes them different than my clipboard is that this is directly at my finger tips at all times on my badge. The ones I carry with me are pain scale, temperature conversions, and  normal lab values.

Three// Nurse Born Stethoscope Holder
You guys have heard me talk about it before, but I truly love the product. It is light-weight, user friendly, and sits comfortably on my waist. Great way to keep your stethoscope off your neck. 

Four// Nursewatches.com's Nurse Watch
I can not rave enough about how functional this watch is. I am able to locate the time quickly without fiddling with my wrist. It also is nice knowing it is easy to clean and more out of bacteria's reach (or so I like to think sometimes). 

Five// Code Happy Tote
I love how cute my nursing tote bag is and knowing it is antimicrobial is even better. The handles are very durable and there is lots of room to fit my stuff. 

Other miscellaneous things in my pocket are my bandage scissors, some alcohol wipes, my bic multi-color pen, and a small notebook. I also have my very precious Littmann stethoscope and nursing practicum syllabus. 

As I am sure you can tell, I really like making use of the technology and great products around me during clinical. What fun & functional things do you make sure to have with you?


  1. That clipboard and stethoscope holder are neat! I love reading your blog and you've inspired me to start my own for my Bachelor of Nursing next year, I'm currently almost finished my EN course. Nursing school in the US seems so different to here! And confusing in the structure! haha. X

    1. Shani,

      I love both those products and have found them very handy. I highly suggest getting some. Thank you so much for the kind words about my blog. I'm happy that you are thinking about starting one too. How is your school organized? Best of luck.

    2. As far as I know, without having actually started yet, when I do my Bachelor at uni we have a set curriculum/units which we have to complete, we don't use words like sophomore etc. We only have clinical placements in big blocks, 5 days a week, at the end of the semesters, and just lectures, lab etc, all at school/online as I'm thinking of doing it distance, during the semesters. It sounds like you spend time at the hospital every week? Is that right? I would love to do that! And what does BSN stand for? :)

  2. I have the pink clipboard that I received for Christmas and I love it...... The only down fall is we were told we cannot bring anything but our car keys to clinicals :(
    Hopefully they just mean for this semester and next semester we can

    1. Yay for having a clipboard, but that really is a bummer that you cannot bring it with you. I can only imagine that it will change in the future.


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