Questions to help you prepare for clinicals

September 9, 2015

Hey friends,

This is just a list of some basic questions to help you prepare for clinical. 

  • Who am I taking care of? What type of code do they have? Any allergies?
  • What is their current chief complaint?
  • How long has their current hospital stay been?
  • What are their vital sign trends? Are they stable or unstable?
  • Did they recently have a procedure or surgery? What are complications that can arise?
  • Are there any pending orders that need to be reviewed or take action on? (Are they going to surgery on the day of care?)
  • What are their current medications? What are the side effects of these medications? Are they safe and appropriate for my patient to receive? 
  • What three main body systems are going to be my focus with this patient?
  • What teaching points can I address with them?
  • What is my role as a student nurse?

Hope this helps you prepare.


  1. This actually is really helpful! Thanks!

  2. Very helpful! This semester I am just doing rotations at a nursing home ..... Any helpful tips for that? Thanks


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