MDpocket Nurses Clipboard review

October 11, 2015

Hey friends,

It feels like it has been forever since I wrote a blog post. I truly miss writing and sharing my adventures with you. The month of October has already been hectic and it is only day 11. My nursing leadership class had us do a huge EBP paper in about a week. My group was not the best, so I had to use some assertive communication skills to get things done. But now that that is over, I get to prepare for an upcoming conference I am going to. I am super excited because this will be my first nursing conference! I will do a post about it next weekend. 

My preceptorship has been going well, but the only downside is that we are still paper charting. A big help to me with this lack of technology was MD Pocket's Nursing Edition ClipboardI am able to carry both my flow sheet and Kardex with me on a very light, aluminum clipboard. The clipboard is also able to fold in half which helps keep patient's information private when I go into another room. The clipboard is designed to fit in a lab coat pocket, but, unfortunately, I do not wear one. I still think it is light enough to carry around or small enough to hide behind computer terminals and thus have been using it for over a month now. 

MD Pocket's nursing clipboard is also an excellent tool for nursing students. Not only will it fit in your lab coat, but it also features very useful information on the back. You can expect to see a faces pain skill, pupil sizes, how to interpret EKGs, and injection sites on the back of the clipboard. Because the information is a sticker, you can buy a new one every year with updated information. MD pocket offers a variety of colors for the clipboard and even offers engraving. You can also add a pen holder to the clipboard or buy a stand for it. 

MD Pocket also offers more great items for nursing students. My personal favorite is the NPpocket Medical Reference Guide: Nursing Edition. It is small enough to fit in my pocket and contains essential clinical information. Some of the features are questions for an H&P exam, EKG placement, EKG Rhythm, lab information, and cranial nerves. 

If you are just starting out clinicals, I highly suggest both items! Even in my senior year, I find them handy.

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