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November 15, 2015

Hey friends,

I am so sorry that I had to miss my scheduled post last week. It was right in the middle of midterms for me, so I was very busy. I have a couple of exciting holiday posts coming up for you! As well as a couple of guest interviews planned. So stay tuned.

In the meantime I wanted to give y'all an update on how my nursing school is going so far. Quick refresher... this is my senior year in my BSN program and I am currently in my leadership position. 

  • I only have one more clinical shift left with my preceptor on an ICU unit. For this clinical I complete twelve-12 hour shifts with one preceptor for a toal of 144 hours. I was lucky enough to be placed on days on an ICU unit at a local hospital. Unfortunately I do not feel that I am in a true ICU related to the level of acuity we have. However, the environment has really allowed me to grow my organization and documentation skills all while taking care of one or two patients.
  • My school has sort of being putting us through resume and interview bootcamp. I now realize that I need to practice more for my nursing interviews. It is quite difficult to think of an example on the spot. Luckily I have some great friends who are willing to drill me in preparation for the big days. One challenging question my school posed to us was what is your biggest pet peeve on the unit? What a toughie!
  • I registered for my last semester of undergraduate!!! I am only taking 12 units total which consist of mental/community nursing classes and one literature course on poetry. These leaves me plenty of time to study for the NCLEX and job hunt. I do not know where I am placed for clinicals, but I hope that I get the chance to follow a school nurse. 
I cannot believe how fast my time has flown by in nursing school. It feels like just yesterday that I got my acceptance letter. A lot of my assignments lately have been reflective pieces of my journey in school. Maybe I will share them here once I remove any school affilations from them. 

I hope school is going well for everyone! Let me know if I can be of any help!

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  1. I totally get it! I'm so super busy with school I'm lucky if I get to read my favorite blogs at all during the week! This nursing school busy is tough! Haha
    Right now we are finishing up pharmacology and then will begin studying for the final that is the second week in December. I seriously can't believe how fast time goes by!


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