Holiday Shopping Guide

December 13, 2015

Hey y'all,

I know the holidays are fast approaching and it can be difficult to find the time amongst finals week to go shopping for everyone's Christmas gifts. Let alone to find the time to tell family and friends what you would like for Christmas. To help you out I created a little Christmas Nursing Student Wish List. You can just send your family members here for all your gift ideas. This will be fun! Let's begin!
  1. Stethoscope!! Every nursing student needs a dependable scope for clinicals. If you do not already have one, I would suggest asking for a Littman II S.E. lightweight or one of my new favorites MDF MD one stainless steel dual head stethoscope.
  2. MD Pocket Nursing Edition Clipboard. I love that this clipboard can fit in my school approved lab coat to wear in the hospital. I also love the added detail on the outside for quick references to things I will actually need. The aluminum design makes it light weight and durable. This is something I plan to use for a while.
  3. Heartsoul scrubs! If you are able to wear your own pair of scrubs yet, then you must, and I do mean must, check out heartsoul scrubs. This has been my favorite brand so far. To me they are more aligned with the younger generation. They fit nicely and are comfortable. Check them out from Allheart if you get the chance. 
  4. RN purse. So I found these organization bags on etsy that are called RN purse. They have some really cute designs and pockets to hold your things while on the floor. I have not actually been able to get one, but it is on my wishlist.
  5. Reading books. I really do enjoy reading for my own enjoyment and over the last year or so have come across some great books either written by nurses or about nurses. Some of my favorites include Becoming Nursey by Kati Kleber, The Nurses by Alexandra Robbins, and material from Tilda Shalof. 
What kind of things are on your holiday list?

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