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February 28, 2016

Hey y'all,

Most of you, if not all of you, know that I am an ambassador for Allheart scrubs. Now, I absolutely adore Allheart, but I was a little worried about how to order scrubs online. I think a lot of us run into similar problems. We want to be able to try them on or have the items right away. However, after dealing with Allheart for a little while now, I have discovered that online shopping is the way to go! 

First off I get to try on my scrubs from the comfort of my own home and in normal lighting. Second off, I am able to get the right size because Allheart always has everything in stock or in their second warehouse. That means when the new brand lines come out, I am able to get it that second! WooHoo! And Third, who does not love getting packages! 

To help ease you into online shopping, Allheart and I have partnered for this post on how to get your most accurate measurments! The best way to get your measurements is to always have someone else take them with a soft measuring tape. Another good test is to take a pair of scrubs that fit well and look at what measurements the size chart shows for the size you wear in that brand, and compare it to the sizing of a brand you're ordering.  

For Tops:
  • Bust Measurement (chest for guys): have your helper wrap the measuring tape around your back RIGHT above your bra line (right under shoulder blades for guys) and make sure it is straight. They will then wrap the tape around to the front make sure it is centered at the fullest part of your chest. Record where the end of the measuring tape hits without being pulled tight. It shouldn’t be loose or pulling. Round to the nearest ½ inch. This is your bust/chest measurement.
  • Waist Measurement: The circumference around your natural waist, just above the belly button. Again, have your helper start from the back, keeping the measuring tape straight, and wrap around to the front. Resist the urge to “suck in” your stomach, which could result in a measurement that is a bit too small (and pants that are too tight!). Also make sure the measuring tape is not loose, but also not too tight that you cannot take a deep breath comfortably. Round to the nearest ½ inch. This is your waist measurement.
  • Center Back Measurement: Have your helper start the measuring tape right at the base of your neck, on the center of your largest vertebrae, where the collar of a crewneck t-shirt would normally start. Run the tape straight down your back to the desired length of your scrub top. This measurement is more subjective- some prefer their tops longer, while others don’t. Have your helper stop the tape where you would feel most comfortable with the length. This is your ideal center back measurement.
For Pants:
(use your waist measurement from your top)

  • Hip Measurement: Your hip measurement should be taken right in the center of your pelvis, and measure the widest width around your rear. Have your helper position the measuring tape from the back, around the fullest part of your behind. Keeping themeasuring tape in a straight line, have them wrap the tape around to the front keeping in line with the position at the back. Always make sure you are relaxed in your stance, and the tape is not pulled tight, nor hanging loose. Round to the nearest ½ inch. This is your hip measurement.
  • Inseam: Stand with your feet hips width apart. Have your helper start the measuring tape from the very top of one inner thigh (you can hold it there) and run all the way down to the arch of the foot in a straight line. This measurement will determine how long your ideal pant length would be. Keep in mind you will also be wearing shoes, which generally add at least ½ inch of height. Record thismeasurement to the nearest ½ inch. When selecting from petite, regular, or tall lengths in scrub pants, take into account which shoes you usually wear, and how tall the heel is, so you know how much to add to your inseam. Ideally it should not be above the ankle or dragging on the floor!

Now that you know your correct measurements, choosing sizes should be much easier! ALWAYS check the size chart when purchasing an item you can’t try-on. A best practice is to choose the size that is closest to your measurements without being too small.

Thanks Allheart for partnering with me on this post!!

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