Handling two clinicals a week

February 17, 2016

Hey Friends!

I am not sure how every nursing school works, but typically mine only has us attend one clinical a week for 16 weeks. However, there are two different semesters where you juggle two clinicals a week. My first semester was already completed last year with PEDS/OB and this semester I am juggling my mental health clinical and my community clinical. The material is not hard, but managing your time  is struggling. 

The best way I have learned to manage it for the last five weeks is to prepare ahead of time. I make sure I have my lunch packed and ready to grab in the morning and my clothes with shoes laid out on the floor. Although these clinical rotations we are not required to wear scrubs, but my Sapphire pants from Cherokee are a perfect mix of scrubs and business pants, so I typically wear those! 

Another challenging part to my clinical day is that I follow it up with teaching the Sophomore nurisng students basic nursing skills for three hours. As I am driving from my clinical site to our facility, I make sure to eat something with protein. My favorite right now is sliced apples with peanut butter. It is just so yummy!! 

Although my Tuesday's/Thursday's often feel horrible, I would not change what I do for the world. I love being a school nurse at a local high school. It is truly amazing to see how open the students are with talking about items in there life. It's a great reminder of how peer pressure can really affect almost adults. I also love my mental rotation so far. My main motivation for starting nursing school was to make a difference in individuals lives. I also love hearing people's stories. My mental rotation allows just for that. I get to sit down with individuals, hear their lives story, and show them that to me they are not their diagnosis. And to me we do have things in common. 

Well this was just a short update from me. I know I have been busy and neglecting the blog, but I am still here and I still do care!!! 

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