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March 6, 2016

Hey friends,
So I know I am a little late to the game, but have you heard about the documentary The American Nurse. If you have not than you probably live under a rock or are too busy with nursing school like me. Well tonight I was lucky enough that my local chapter for Sigma Theta Tau International was showing the documentary as one of our chapter functions. And let me just say that it was amazing!! It truly was awe inspiring and something I needed to see when I am so close to the finish line, but struggling to find my motivation of why I am going to be a nurse. 

The documentary specifically followed four nurses who truly are inspiring. One of the nurses works in a hospice program at a prison in Louisana. I could not believe how much compassion she has for the inmates. As well as the amazing story of other inmates working sort of as techs to help them. It was really neat to see them work so closely together. I could not help but wish that I was that strong to look past someone's past history, but who knows. I have never been placed in that position before and the nurse did mention that she typically does not read the chart for what their crime was. Great reminder to treat the patients as human beings instead of their disease process or background. 

The other nurse, and my favorite nurse, was a nun working on a farm. Not only did I fall in love with the baby animals she had, but also the amazing elderly population. I really think the grandmas and grandpas are so adorable. (Maybe I will get into geriatric care?) I am unsure if it was a facilitated living facility or a hospice home, but all the residents seemed to really care for one another. Another cool feature was that the nurse also had troubled children from the foster care system helping her with the animals. At one point in the documentary it showed the children brining in a llama to the residents. It brought so much joy to the residents and kids. I wish I could work there! It looked so amazing. 

The American Nurse project is something that I think everyone needs to see. It will open your eyes up to the true compassion that nurses have for individuals as well as the hard work we go through. If you are interested in learning more about the project and how it got started click here. You can rent, digital download, or get a DVD copy here

Let me know what your thought were on the documtary if you have seen it,

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