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April 24, 2016

My graduation is in two weeks and I have been getting some questions about what I asked for, so I thought I would share. I am really excited for it, but it honestly took me awhile to come with ideas of what I would want. I kept things pretty simple. (I am trying to minimalize the amount of stuff I have acquired at college.)

Make sure to share with your family or friends if you are about to graduate. 

One// Lamp of Knowledge
The Lamp of Knowledge is the symbol for the nursing profession and of higher education. The lamp of knowledge dates back to ancient Egypt when it was a tau cross with a loop at the top. I think this is just a clever piece to add to my dresser display.

TWO// Spa Package
What better way to end school then to relax and forget about all the stress that four years has caused. I have never gotten a massage before, but I hear they are nice. Personally, I am more of a pedicure/manicure girl. Just be careful of infections. 

Three// NCLEX Prep
You just earned your degree, but the real stress comes from studying for the NCLEX. What better way for your family to show that they believe in you than by getting you a comprehensive review book. A few of my favorites are by Saunders or Kaplan. 

Four// Stethoscope
You are just a few months away before joining in your life long profession. Ask your family to invest in a GREAT stethoscope for you with new engravings. I've been really into the new Rose Gold Stethoscope from MDF. 

Five// Books
I am a total book nerd at heart, but nursing school has not allowed for me to indulge in that side. For graduation, I asked for a few "fun" books to get back into the habit. My list includes Brain on Fire, The Nest, && When Breath Becomes Air. If you are looking for more nursing related books, then check out Becoming Nursey or Your 1st Year As A Nurse. 

SIX// Giftcard to Allheart 
Scrubs are a great gift to receive! Unless you know which brands you like, I suggest asking for a giftcard so that you can pick them out. It is also a good idea to wait to make sure your unit does not have any uniform restrictions. 

And when all else fails, just ask for money. You can apply it to those school loans you racked up. 

Happy Graduation Season!

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