Graduation Season

April 16, 2016

20 days.

a simple 480 hours.

28,800 minutes.

1,728,000 seconds.

that is all the time I have left in nursing school. As excited as I am, I am just as much nervous. I go to school in San Diego, but I am from the  Orange County region. Due to my mother's recent health changes I will be returning back there; however, there is only a few new grad residencies. None of which are interesting to me. So I will be a sitting duck until I pass the NCLEX. I applied for my boards in March, so assuming the BRN gets my transcript on time and approve me, I will (fingers crossed) take my boards in middle June. Please send all your positive thoughts my way. 

I recently took my graduation photos, and my sister did an AMAZING job. So I thought I would share with you a few of my favorite poses I found on Pinterest. 

ONE//I love how simple this one is! Plus, I am a big fan of black and white.

two// This photo is all kinds of perfect! Great way to highlight not only your profession but also the hard work you put in during school. I just wish I had a black dress like that.

three// I think this photo just says you have finally reached the top and are graduating!

four// And this photo just screams you did it! 

What are your favorite graduation photos? Stay tuned as I share my own. I am not given my cap, gown, stole, and pin until the day of so I have plenty of more shots to grab.

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