I'm graduating...so now what?!?!

April 22, 2016

The concept that graduation is in two weeks is just mind boggling. I have so many fears (especially passing the NCLEX) and excitement. I'm not quite sure where the time has gone, but it went by fast. Here is all that I have left in my remaining school year:

April 25: ATI Mental Health + Community Nursing
April 26: Presentation of Rare Event in Mental Health
April 28: Final Clinical Evaluation
April 29: Mental Health Final
April 30: ATI RN Predictor 
May 4: Community Nursing Final
May 5: Pinning Rehearsal
May 6: Pinning Ceremony!

I thought I would share a little bit about what my future is looking like right now. 

Currently, I attend school in San Diego, California and there is a multitude of new graduate residencies for new nurses. The plus of these programs is that they give you extra focused orientation. The negative side of this is it super competitive. However, I did not apply to any of these programs.

At this point, you are probably asking yourself why I would pass up a great opportunity. Well, my mother's health has taken a turn for the worst and I would really love to be closer to her. You just never know what could go wrong. So I will be going back to Orange County in California and applying to jobs there. But, new graduate residencies are hard to come by. So instead, I will be waiting till I pass the NCLEX and have my license in hand before I start applying to RN jobs. I would really like to get hired on a postpartum floor or a medical-surgical floor. However, I have no connections there and so my work is going to be cut out for me. 

I sent my application to the BRN back in March. It was an online application that was pretty straight forward, but also daunting. The BRN does not share with you if your application is flagged or if something is wrong. Just make sure you are perfect! I graduate May 6th and by the end of the following week, my transcripts will be mailed off to the BRN. Upon approval, I will be sent an email with my ATT (authorization to test) and can sign up with Pearson Vue to take the exam! It is a giant waiting game and I hear that the California BRN is overwhelmed. Fingers cross my process is smooth. Last year, the seniors had to wait till late July.

While I am waiting for my application to be processed, I will be taking both an ATI comprehensive review and a Kaplan course. Both are in May, but one is in the very beginning and the other is the last week of May. I will be sure to share how it is going and which program I liked. I looked into the Hurst review but did not like the available dates in my area. 

So that is what my life is looking like. Crazy. Hectic. Busy. 

&& I cannot wait for every minute of it.

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  1. Congratulations! This is so exciting! Things are definitely looking crazy for you, but they will be more than worth it! Looking forward to following your journey to the NCLEX and your first job! Good luck!


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