Last MONTH of Nursing School

April 1, 2016

Ummm? Hello, did you just read that title? Like the full title? This is no April Fools joke. How is it that I am in my last MONTH of nursing school. My last 30 days before I am able to graduate with my BSN. Which of course does not mean anything till you have the RN behind it, but still. I do not feel prepared for this at all and am freaking out a little bit.

It's crazy to look back at pictures of me from a Freshman, Sophomore, or even a Junior! I was such a tiny baby. And then I think about when I first learned my nursing skills. Putting on sterile gloves without breaking sterile field was such a challenge or finding pedal pulses. But now I can confidently find those pulses and put on gloves like no other. I guess the only reassuring thing I get from those memories is looking at where I stand now. Although the idea of being a REAL nurse working in a REAL hospital with REAL patients is frightening and scary, but one day just like today I will look back and laugh at how silly it all was. 

So as April is finally here and this is my last 30 days of REAL undergraduate work, I say Bring It On, world! I am ready to tackle those 4 EBP papers, 1 ATI RN-Predictor exam, 2 mental health exams, 1 community nursing exam, and 2 presentations. 

Let's make this month fabulous, together!

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