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April 10, 2016

Hey friends, 

So if you follow me on social media, then you know I asked my followers how they store their stethoscopes. I feel as though my stethoscope is one of my most prized possessions. A stethoscope costs a lot of money and I want to be able to keep it for as long as possible. The first rule to keeping your stethoscope is having some sort of engraving or ID tag on it. Doctors and other nurses will borrow your stethoscope and you might never see it again. It happens. Stop it from happening.

Currently, I keep my scope in my Code Happy Tote Bag during the school year when I am in and out of hospitals. When I am home on breaks, I typically do not use my stethoscope when I am providing in-home care, so I store it in the original box it came in. I think storing it in the box is fine, although, the box will wear away after some time. But what concerns me is that it lays at the bottom of my bag. Thus, I began my search for a better solution.

One of my Instagram followers, studentnurseroshani, shared a photo of a case that her friend got her from MediSave. Lucky enough for me, MediSave agreed to let me try out one of their cases!

Hard Wearing Nylon protects
the outer shell. 

Rubber tags on zippers
for easier opening and closing.

Specially formed interior to hold
your scope in place.

Highlights for me:
-Medisave had fast FAST shipping
-Reasonable pricing
-The case comes in different colors; easy to be customized
-No obvious logos/brands
-Inside storage for additional ear pieces
-Inside mesh pocket 
-Material feels sturdy and long lasting
-fully lined and can be cleaned easily
-Zipper closure for secure sealing
-Carry handle for easy transport

The only dislike to the product was that it was much larger than I expected. Because of its size, my stethoscope does not need to make an extra coil, which I actually like. However, I do not think it is practical for me to throw in my bag. I think the size of this case is more suited for when I store it on my bedroom closet shelf, which I will be using. The case is much better to store your beloved stethoscope in rather than its original box. 

I did notice on their website that they had a few other sizes of stethoscope cases. Because I have a Littmann Cardiology, I got the one that was labeled for that. Maybe if I had gotten a smaller one, I could use it more on a day to day basis than storage. But for now, I will use it instead of my 4-year old box. 

Be sure to check out Medisave here and a huge thank you for sponsoring this post. Medisave is an online medical supplier of stethoscopes, diagnostic sets, uniforms, and medical accessories. 

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