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April 3, 2016

Hey y'all,

As I was packing to go home for almost a week for Easter break, I was overwhelmed at the amount of scrubs overtaking my closet! 50% of my closet has become scrubs and I am thinking that I need to purge some scrubs to hold on to my sanity of normal clothing. Sometimes I like to pretend that I do not live at the hospital and could be a trendy twenty-something, but sadly, I can not part with any of my beloved scrubs. Everything is so unique and not one brand is the same as the other. 

So what is my solution? To do absolutely nothing with them! I am going to put my "seasonal" wear in Ziploc space saving bags. I take really good care of scrubs (follow the detailed care instructions to the T) and the majority of them are new this year. Side note: Thank you to Allheart scrubs for creating such an obsession for having the best scrubs that are available! Thus, to give my scrubs some fame I thought I would feature my top favorite brands. I will be mentioning a new brand every month that I am either really loving or really wanting to try. 

SO here we go!

This month I am going to feature the Heart Soul brand. I really love this brand because it truly does make me feel like a trendy twenty-something. Their slogan is "for the healthcare professional that is young at heart"! How fitting is that?!?!

The cut of the tops are just so flattering and they feature adorable details such as a cute gold dangle heart near the side pocket of their head over heels line. Heart Soul scrubs offer both solids and designs constructed in junior sizes XS through 3XL. 

Their bottoms are also stylish and functional. The pants I have feature a good amount of pockets. I can also get them in a petite size which I love since I am only 5 foot 1 inches. 

The material they use is very soft and comfortable. I do not find myself working up a sweat in them on a busy clinical day. Likewise, the color has barely faded, maybe that is related to the polyester component, but who knows. 

According to their website they have 3 types of collections:

  • Break on Through: This collection has more of an athletic style feel to the scrubs.
  • Shine on!: Each fabric has sort of a polish shine to it through their innovative embossing technique.
  • Picture Perfect: This collection has more of a feminine appearance with sophistication and style. 
You can shop all these collections here. Or check out other brands in their family which include Cherokee uniforms, Dickies Medical, Code Happy, and Sapphire Scrubs here

Let me know if you have ever tried their scrubs and what you think about them.

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