Finishing Strong

May 1, 2016

I'm so glad it is May. It is finally my graduation month. I'm probably like a little kid in a candy store. Or maybe like a mother throwing an extravagant birthday party for their child. I am trying to have the most "perfect" (as perfect as perfect can be) experience because this is my one and only shot at graduating with my undergraduate!!! I'll post a full post all about this later.

But with the excitement of graduation, I have absolutely no desire to complete my classes, especially my general educations. I am not sure how or why they are important, but they are required of you. A lot of my classmates also seem to be in the same position. I constantly hear "I just have to pass these classes with a C and I can still graduate" or "they only take into account your fall semester for your final decision on graduating with honors". 

Personally, the struggle for me was in my history classes. 

I will admit that I have fallen into this trap as well. It has become harder and harder to study for that last test. Or give that last 5-page paper all my effort. I very well could have submitted myself to this habit a million times in the last four years. The habit of just doing enough to get by, but I thought to myself, what does this show about my character? I did not want my professors, friends, and family to see someone who tried so hard the last four years to just give up in the end. I also did not want to disappoint myself. 

I choose to study for an undergraduate degree. That means I willing accepted to spend 4 years taking both classes towards my major and classes that was considered general education. Essentially to make me a well-rounded and educated young woman. Of course, I would love to only study my nursing class, or to be able to only work hard in those classes. But that is not the case. If I was to only study nursing classes and forget about everything else, then how can I get better as a provider to my patients? It is a necessary evil. 

If I had created that habit of just doing enough to get by, then what will I also apply that same philosophy to? Will it happen when I am administering medication to my patients? Or when I am documenting? Where is the line?

Do not create the habit of settling. Finish strong!

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