May 6, 2016

What a weird phrase it is to say that I am no longer a student nurse. As of May 6, 2016, I have graduated from my nursing school with honors! I am extremely proud of my accomplishments and professional organizations that I have become a part of. 

Nursing school is an intense program that ends up controlling your whole life, but it is so worth it! If you are currently in the middle of a program, have faith that you will get through it. Many before you have!

So while I am off celebrating with my friends and family, I wanted to share with you some quick favorites of my time!

Favorite class: My Mental Nursing course was one of my absolute favorites. Not only were all of the disease processes interesting, but the connections I made during clinical hours will be treasured forever. I fell in love with nursing because you get to walk alongside patients during difficult and joyous times. My mental health clinical allowed me to connect with patients like I never have before.   

Favorite professor: My favorite professor was actually from my Sophomore year of nursing. She taught my Adult Health course and was my supervisor while I worked for our simulation & skills lab my senior year. Not only is she an amazing nurse and teacher, but now she is an amazing mom! I wish everyone was able to get to know her uplifting and kind spirit.

Favorite clinical: My favorite clinical was my Adult Health 3 course. I was at a trauma hospital. Our floor unit was trauma with floats to the OR, ER, Trauma Bay, and ICU. I just loved the fast-paced all hands on deck atmosphere. 

Favorite pen: So this is a new recent favorite, but I am so in love with the new gel pens from papermate. They have a great color selection and flows beautiful across the paper. 

Favorite lunch for clinical:My go-to lunch for clinical days was chicken salad. It is easy to make, quick to eat, and can be mixed up with some new flavors.

Favorite school bag: Hands down the Code Happy Tote wins this category. It is antimicrobial, features 3 pockets, and has enough space to carry my notebooks, lunchpail, stethoscope, pens, and other miscellaneous items.

Favorite APP: I am so in love with NCLEX Mastery. I love being able to study where ever I go and see my progress. Practicing questions over and over helps improve your critical thinking! I've recently been trying out the Clinical Mastery and I wish I had it as a sophomore!! 

Favorite Medical Show: I have been really into Chicago Med this year. I have seen them do a lot of illness that I learned about in my mental health course. I think Dr. Charles approaches it beautifully and really helps negotiate stigmas.

Favorite Day of Nursing School: Ugh! This one is between receiving my acceptance letter, getting inducted into STTI, or being pinned!

Hope you enjoyed learning a few more snippets of who I am.

Happy Nurses Week!

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