Illumivein Vein Finder Review + Giveaway

May 8, 2016

Happy Nurses week!

As we continue the week, I wanted to talk about a product that can really help us nurses out. Illumivein is a company that creates affordable vein finders. $24.99! Such a steal. 

The product features a high-powered, nine-LED vein finder; The same technology as other expensive vein finders. This nifty flashlight can really fit in any pocket. It is also pretty light weight, about as heavy as a water bottle, if not less. 

This can be really great for clinicals or new nurses or anybody who has frequent hard sticks.

The flashlight works by gently pressing the light into the skin and moving it around. Veins will show as a shadow or dark light. Note, it works best in the dark.

Illumivein is allowing Mighty Nurse Megan to give away 3 illumiveins to our readers! To enter check out the post on Instagram

Thank you so much Illumivein for donating 3 vein finders to giveaway. Visit them here to buy your own. 

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