I passed my NCLEX

July 2, 2016

I can now say that I am a registered nurse. It was a quite a journey achieving this, but I would not want to be anything else. A lot has happened in the last year.

I began blogging July 2nd, 2015 and shortly became an Allheart Ambassador. I was selected to be one of six senior lab assistants at my school and was able to intern with my local chapter of Sigma Theta Tau Nursing Honors Society. I graduated in May cum laude from my school and now am an RN!

My own journey with the NCLEX was smooth until the end. My school had us apply to the California BRN in February/March. I personally applied the first week of March. Upon graduating, my transcripts were sent to the board May 13. I quickly received my ATT (authorization to test) May 16 and scheduled my exam June 21st at 0800.

My mother actually drove me to my exam and waited for my in the parking lot. We arrived 30 minutes before my exam time. When I was inside the building it probably took 15-20 minutes to register and begin my exam inside. I stayed really calm on the test day which I believe helped add to my confidence and success. By 0920 I was done with my exam in 75 questions and more nervous than when it began.

The week of waiting for results was awful! I was a wreck! As each day passes, I began to have more and more doubt in my ability. California does not participate in quick results. I had no choice but sit and wait in agony. I did not try the pearson vue trick because of the rumors that it is no longer accurate. Instead I just checked my Breeze account where I registered with the BRN.

I would check the site constantly. It was to the point that my family and boyfriend would have to remove my phone from me. MY boyfriend even took me on a vacation the mountains where I had no cell service and could not check.

After a week of waiting, I saw that other classmates were finally getting their results. I decided to check online again, even though I just looked 3 hours earlier. And there it was! My name was on the registry June 30, 2016. I wish my mother had taken a picture of me because I was in complete shock. I still am.

The waiting game was not fun, but I am glad it is over. I never have to take the NCLEX again! WooHoo! Now I have to wait to land a job. Fingers crossed friends!

P.S. I will still continue to blog and share my story, but please be patient as I try and update everything around here.

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