My Job Hunt

July 19, 2016

I thought my waiting period ended with waiting for my NCLEX results, but boy was I wrong. I probably do not fit the typical nursing student mold as you see on social media sites because I did not apply to a nurse residency program. I wanted to, but it just did not work for my life. Nor do I have a job, even though I passed my NCLEX  nearly a month ago. 

I went to school in San Diego, California where there is an abundance of nurse residency programs. I think my school filled 75% of the spots even though there are five or six nursing programs around. I did not apply to any spots. It sometimes bothers me that I did not even apply to see what would happen. I will admit, I get jealous seeing my classmates already having jobs before taking the NCLEX. I wish I was in that position.

Instead, I moved two hours away from my clinical sites and connections and am desperately trying to find a position where I know no one. As if that was hard enough, none of the hospitals closest to me offer nurse residency programs. Requirements for application included having my license number so I had to wait until NCLEX results. Then, I immediately began to apply to jobs and what I discovered was a giant wall. 

But Megan, what about the nursing shortage? Or how everyone always tells me that I will always have a nursing job? Well...I am sure that is true, but in my part of the world, everyone wants to live and work where I am. So competition is fierce and everyone wants job experience. 

SO here I am left feeling useless and unworthy while praying that God's plan finally comes through.

Until next time,

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  1. Sending positive thoughts and prayers for your job hunt! Please do not feel useless and unworthy! You will get a job and make an amazing nurse! Keep your head up! Good things are coming! ❤️


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