My NCLEX experience

July 11, 2016

I cannot deny that NCLEX is incredible difficult, but my whole experience was strangely peaceful. The only real time that I had anxiety was waiting for my results. 

Side story: Apparently the BRN of CA was still processing my school's transcripts and had everyone's results "on hold". It was a nightmare; some of my classmates waited close to a month to hear that they passed.

My previous post shares how the check in/registration process went, so if you have not read that, then check it out.

I opted out of using ear phones because I really do not like things in my ear, but the computer station has the old school headphones that cover your ear so I used that. It did not erase the noise completely, but it helped minimize others clicking. My testing site was unusually very quiet for the 10 or so bodies in there. I fully expected to hear more chair noises or AC hums. 

After verifying my information and that I was there to take the right test I began this little orientation to how computer tests work. It was frustrating because I wanted to get started on the NCLEX right away and not waste my time on this nonsense. There were sort of two orientation pieces: one for the testing center (I think) that was demographics or something and the other was five0 or so practice questions. The first tutorial did not count against your time, but the practice questions did. How unfair is that. The practice questions just showed how the non multiple choice questions would work. The answers were under the questions so I just quickly clicked through them. I felt comfortable with question formats thanks to Kaplan.

As I was taking my real questions, I felt completely unsure of most of my answers. There were a few that I was confident on, some that I knew nothing of, and others that I just did my best. I have heard that some people try and read into the level of question they are getting to know if they are above the passing line, but honestly I could not tell at all. Nor did I want to waste my brain power on that.

So I am making pretty good pace through my questions. I did not have too many select all the apply and I think one math question. My strategy for answering the questions was to cross off the answers I knew were incorrect until I was left with one. (It was too awkward for me to fully adapt to the Kaplan decision tree.) 

Going into the exam I had told all my friends and family that there was no way I would do the minimum 75 questions. I am just "not that smart". So as I am approaching question 50 or so my mind starts to drift to thinking about when I should take a break. I knew I had plenty of time to manage a break in to clear my head. My little mind vacation decided that after I passed question 100 I could take a break. So I keep clicking on and I am getting up to question 60. I am just beat. I am getting more and more questions that I just do not know about. I start to rush through questions. Around 72 I slow down and try and stay focused. I answer question 75 and press next and my screen just goes blue. 

Up until that time I had very minimal anxiety, but now I am freaking out! I felt like I did not really have the full opportunity to showcase my knowledge. I answer the brief survey that follows the exam and raise my hand to be excused.

As the attendant is trying to recheck that I am who I say I am before I leave my vein scan does not read. We must have tried it six times before she uses a different form of ID. This just adds to my anxiety more. I leave this little room between rooms and return to the lobby. It was apparent they were not expecting anyone to be done this soon because they are all chatting and breaking down boxes. The employees just tell me to have a nice rest of the day.

I take the elevator downstairs and find my mom and sister waiting in the care. OF course they ask me how it went and I can just respond with "I failed!".

I really do not remember much else from that day. I think my family took me grocery shopping afterwards, but not sure. 

I waited for one week (including weekends) to see my results up on the breeze website for California. It was four or five days after that I actually received my license in the mail.

At least it is finally done. I never want to take that test again.

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  1. Good luck. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is updated and hit me up for any advice from my 23+ years.


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