My Job Hunt, PT. 2

August 8, 2016

Sorry I have not written in awhile. I may or may not have been in a "funk". I think nursing school should have a course just about the emotional roller coaster you will go through looking for a job. If you were not lucky enough to land one before graduating. 

So here is the low down...and I am being very honest here. I applied to several (8) hospitals within a 30 mile radius from my house. Of the postings, only 1 hospital has a true new graduate program. Yes, I am mainly applying to posts that say they prefer or require a 1-year experience. 

Out of 30 applications or so, I finally received a phone call 2 weeks after submitting an application for that specific posting. Many postings I have not heard anything from and it has been a month.

The interview was for a new graduate program with the nurse manager of that specific unit. The interview seemed fine. I got asked a couple of behavioral/situational questions and then your standard interview ones. It was an hour long and the nurse manager and I seemed to hit it off. At the end of the interview, she informed me that she would call me in a couple of days and let me know. I left feeling unsure, but full of hope.

3 days later I received a devasting email. Of course, I was hurt and shocked to not have received a phone call. I was hoping for a phone call so I could inquire what I could do to improve and if I could apply to any upcoming postings for that unit. I tried to remain positive after receiving that email and continued my job search. After all, whats meant to be will be.

Then at the end of the week, I received that phone call from the unit manager I was expecting. Again, it was not what I expected. She informed that her decision was going to take a few more days. 

I am an obsessive and unpatient person when it comes to some things. I know it is not a great quality. I have been trying to determine what my situation is with this hospital. What could be delaying her decision? What was this problem she was trying to fix? What would change her decision in a matter of three days? Couldn't she just let me down now instead of waiting?

So here I am. Waiting and confused on the situation. And my emotions feel as though they are on a never ending roller coaster. 

Here is to good things coming!

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