Nursing school shadow boxes

August 18, 2016

Now that I have graduated, I have all these memories I want to cherish from nursing school. I remember during my sophomore year of nursing school, I saw these awesome shadow boxes on Pinterest. They would put their tassel, graduation cap, stethoscope, scrubs, photos, Lamp of knowledge, pretty much anything you can fit. 

As I am preparing to move in a couple months, I wanted to create my own shadow box to easily move my memories with me. I decided that I wanted to include more graduation items, than nursing accessories.

In my box I have: my stool, my uniform patch, my tassel, my graduation cords, 2 tickets from my graduation, my nursing pin, a ribbon from STTI induction, the program from my pinning ceremony, 2 graduation cards, my graduation cap cover, and my nursing school badge. I did not put my diploma in it because it is in another frame alongside a picture from graduation. 

The project itself is fairly simple. I went to my local craft store, Michaels, and found a shadow box sized that worked for me. I also picked up some pins, from Hobby Lobby--The kind you used to pin fabrics together when sewing. Check out my Instagram (@mightynursemegan) to see exactly what I mean. Mine have a round pearl on top. Next, I gathered what items I wanted inside and just played around with the arrangement. 

I decided to secure my items by the pins instead of hot glueing them because I want to be able to move it around later or take things out of it. You can secure your items with pins, hot glue, Velcro, or double sided tape. 

I'm pretty happy with the final project and cannot wait to hang it on the wall. 

Did you create a shadow box? I'd love to see it!


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