Healthy tips for nurses + unique headphones w/ code!

September 20, 2016

How many of you struggle to stay healthy while working as a nurse? I know that I do! I am trying to make a strong effort to get back on track. Today I am sharing my tips with you!

One// Bring pre-packaged snacks
Imagine you are working back to back shifts. Shift one was crazy and you just come home and sleep. You may opt to purchase lunch from the cafeteria the next day because you are too tired to pack a lunch. Uh Oh. Eating from the cafeteria can be pricey, not too mention the lack of healthy appropriate options. My tip to you is buy healthy snacks the next time you go to the store. Buying snacks that are made for a quick grab and go may be a little pricey. Instead, buy in bulk and spend some time putting them in portion control sized containers. I highly suggest doing this step as you are putting away groceries to prevent any laziness. My favorites are air popped popcorn, lightly salted almonds or no salt, and frozen fruit that defrosts by lunch time!

Two// Drink! Drink! Drink!
It is easy to loose track of time caring for two, three, four, or even one patient. More often than not, nurses are skipping lunch breaks, bathroom breaks, and even hydration breaks. With our days centered around our patients, it may be difficult to take a quick sip from that water bottle. Yet staying hydrated throughout the day can help with energy and allow you to feel in a better mood. So do yourself a favor and try sipping on some water from time to time.
Pro tip: add a little lemon to your water. Not only does it add a little flavor, but it has great benefits as well.

Three// Work Out!
Fitting time to go to the gym between twelve hour shifts can be challenging. But that is just it, it is challenging, not impossible. Find a gym with hours that work for you. Or enlist a buddy from work to keep you accountable. Making time for a one hour sweet sesh can boost your mood and leave you more productive in the day. Not to mention the health benefit.
Pro tip: Create a killer Spotify playlist to give you that added encouragement.

Four// Buy accessories
Now I know this is not mandatory...but just like buying a new outfit for a special event leaves you with a magical feeling, having cute workout clothes can leave you wanting to go more and more. There are ton of inexpensive options out there. My go to place is Target. They have everything you can need: tops, bottoms, undergarments, mats, weights, and headphones. Or splurge on gear that you know you will on an everyday basis. Like these super awesome Bluetooth headphones to help during cardio seshs and business calls. They have a long battery life, unique "anti-tangle" cable, and personalized in ear sleeves with 4 different sizes. 

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