Kaplan NCLEX Review & my scores

September 4, 2016

If you have watched this video...

Then you know that I mentioned I would be sharing my Kaplan scores. No matter what stage in life I am in, there always seems to be a part where inevitably I compared myself to another. In nursing school it was about who was at the top of the class or who was getting what jobs. I was always striving to be better and I still do it today.

The good  and bad news is that we all do it. I do not believe it is ever healthy. Comparing ourselves to one another never helps solve any issues. I am not sharing my scores for you to compare yourself to. Rather, look at the bigger picture. Notice that my performance on Kaplan's Qbanks was low in the beginning, but eventually I improved. Not only did I improve, but I was also successful in passing the NCLEX.

Remember what is important. Your goal is not to be ahead or better than someone. It is simply to be successful on the NCLEX. I hope that by sharing this part of my journey, you may receive some sort of reassurance.

Unfortunately I am no longer able to access my account, so this is just what I have on hand. I completed all but 20 of my qbank questions with an average of 55-65%.  Note that majority of my Qbanks "tests" were 50-75 questions depending on how much time I had to devote. 

  • Diagnostic Test: 56%
  • Question Trainer 1: 53%
  • Question Trainer 2: 60%
  • Question Trainer 3: 51%
  • NCLEX RN Practice Test: 42%
ATI Nursing
  • Fundamentals: 72.7%
  • Pharmacology: 53.8%
  • Medical / Surgical: 62.9%
  • Maternal Newborn: 60%
  • Care of Children: 46.7%
  • Mental Health: 68.8%
  • Leadership: 87.5%

Hope this helps.


  1. Thanks for sharing this! My program wants me to take the Kaplan review course for the test. Do you think it was beneficial?

    1. Tiffanie,

      I do truly believe the Kaplan course was beneficial. Their QBANK was my most utilized resource that they provided. Like I mentioned, I did not truly follow the decision tree. My method was more critical thinking and to cross off the wrong answers until I am left with one. If money is an issue, I would highly suggest Uworld.

      Those are the two top programs I have been hearing about in regards to NCLEX.


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