Baby Bottom's Lotion Review

November 3, 2016

 I love being a nurse. Which is why I love supporting other nurses whether that be students with an exam or clinical or a RN running her own business. 

I have #madprops to nurses who are able to run their own business. I am not that creative, nor great at time management to be successful on my days off. That is why when April Pilet approached me about My Baby's Bottom, I knew that I had to share her product!

April is an RN who created a skin care product that is not only for babies. Her coconut oil skin care cream has been perfect for not only me, but also my beloved french bulldog. 

I was able to put the coconut oil on a sunburnt that I got this past weekend watching the Huntington Beach Airshow. It really helped soothe the burn for an almost instant, cool relief. Plus, it smells much better than Aloe! I had about the same result.

As for the adorable frenchie, he has an owie on one of his shoulders. After applying the cream once a day for about two days, I instantly noticed that the redness decreased. I have tried to use other balms for his skin and he would get really irritated when he smelled the product. However, none of this occurred with the coconut oil. I was highly impressed.

If you are in the market for a skin care cream that can help reduce redness and irritation, then be sure to check out April's My Baby's Bottom here. 

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