A Perfect Scrub Jacket

June 26, 2017

It may be 90 degrees outside, but you can always bet that the hospital will have it's AC blasting making it an easy 71 degrees indoors. I am always joking with my friends that I must look like a confused California weather girl. You know the can of girls who wear Ugg boots with shorts when it is pouring rain outside. 

Sometimes I am envious of the people who can tolerate the blasting AC with just their scrub top on. I always wonder how they do not have goose bumps crawling up their skin. But who cares what I look like because it is sometimes freezing in the hospital and I want to be comfortable on my twelve-hour shift. I guess that is just me. 

If you follow me on Instagram then you have seen this jacket in the last three, four, or five of my posts because I am obsessed with it! It is something that I can not only wear to work, but also out to the gym or some quick errands. 

The fit is athletic with 2 reinforced pockets that wrap around your side. There is also 3 zip up pockets: two regular front pockets and one that is on your left forearm for any IDs or smaller headphones. 

And it was not until Medelita released the product online that I even noticed that there was a slot on your left shoulder to hook your badge reel too. LIFE SAVER. 

Medelita's material is also moisture wicking, breathable, and bacteriostatic.

I mean have you ever seen a scrub jacket hold a stethoscope like this? Did not think so.

Check it out here.

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