One Year Anniversary

October 2, 2017

Let me start by saying this title is very misleading. My actual one-year workversary was back in early September. But ever since I started my career, I seem to have neglected this little part of me. Yes, I do remain active on social media, but it is not the same. I started this blog first as a place to share my experiences and a lot of experiences were missed from being shared here during that year or so gap. 

I missed out on sharing how my first few shifts went. And boy oh boy were those rough! Luckily enough for me, the first shift I only had two patients, but I remember thinking how the heck am I supposed to remember all of this information. I kept questioning everything I was doing and super nervous performing my skills. I still get nervous going into work, but I at least know a little bit of what I am supposed to be doing or who I can ask for help.

I only shared a few bits and pieces of my night shift struggles and why I switched to working days. However, I missed out on sharing how the transition to days went and why I am so glad that I did it. Not only for my mental health, but also for my nursing career. 

I neglected to share the first few new procedures or nursing tasks I was able to perform or the ones that I have failed on. (Anybody good with IV starts? Send me your tips!)I want to do a whole series of posts of the common diagnosis I see at work and what my usual role is in treating these patients. Hint hint: it will involve a lot of blood transfusions. 

More importantly, though, I have failed to share how truly magical and beautiful stepping into the world and becoming a true nurse was and still is. There is not a better feeling than knowing how much you love waking up early in the morning to go to work. I love getting to tell people that I am a registered nurse and strive to touch someone's life every day at work. Yes, I went through a rough patch where I began to doubt everything I thought I knew. It was an adjustment period. I think every career has one. Now at work, I have a whole group of girls who I love and look forward to working with.

I am bummed that I missed a lot of my transition to share on here. Not only do I love having individuals reach out to me for help and guidance, but I love being able to look back and remember my own fun memories. I am excited to finally get back into this part of my world and hope you will stick around too! 

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