Thanking your nurse

March 23, 2018

To all the healthcare professionals out there:

Thank you! Thank you for making sacrifices in your own lives to be able to provide care to others. You may not hear it often, but you are very much appreciated. These two simple words are often forgotten as love ones become enraged with a poor diagnosis or are trying to handle the stressful situation of a love one being in the hospital. Yet these two simple words can help boast morale of the staff that is providing that care...letting us know that although you have been rude, you do in fact appreciate us and the hardwork we are doing. 

At the same time, staff may have a hard time hearing these words. Partly because it is rare when we do and partly because we too have a hard time accepting the outcome of a situation. I know I have a difficult time when family thanks me for taking care of the mother who just passed. How can they be thanking me when something so heartbreaking just occured and why couldn't I have done more. 

So to everyone out there, thank you from the bottom of my heart. We may be over-looked and underappreciated, but we are necessary and important! 

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