3 tips for writing the perfect nursing resume

December 29, 2018

Are you looking to start a new job for the upcoming year? Or are you just about to start applying for your first job? I am so excited to be sharing with you today how I revamped my old nursing resume with the help of Amanda, from @theresumerx, and her brilliant resume templates.

Why did I decide to go with a nursing resume template?

Finding a job is already enough stress. Why should you add more from trying to create a resume from scratch? Managers and recruiters field multiple resumes a day and you need yours to stand out. Amanda created such clean, well-organized resumes that are truly professional. Thus, why not go with something that is an easy fill-in template and works. 

I remember back in 2016, when I was graduating from nursing school, that I used to spend hours searching through Pinterest at all the different resume templates. It was overwhelming and looking back at it now, over cluttered. 

If you are looking for a new resume, I highly suggest you check her out at theresumerx.com. I received an interview just 3 hours after submitting my resume using her template. 

Here are 3 tips to use on your own resume:

ONE// Be sure to include a cover letter. I know that they can seem outdated and repetitive, but it is the first opportunity that you have to sell yourself. Essentially you are showing how you can make their job easier. Really try and narrow down 2-3 accomplishments/strengths you can talk about that really fit this job. Also, try and include the hospital's mission statement and values. 

TWO// Rather than just listing your job responsibilities, write down your accomplishments. For example, I was a floor nurse on a medical oncology floor and could have written about how I handled patient-centered care while advocating for my patient to other healthcare professions. Instead, I wrote about how I was involved in my wound care team and how I became a preceptor for my floor from my leadership skills. 

THREE// Have no previous nursing experience? Be sure to highlight any opportunities you had during clinical rotations or student activities you were involved in. Had a job that was not necessarily relevant to the medical field? Then highlight any leadership spots you were in, or if you helped create something new, and how it helped build your communication/ problem-solving skills.

There you have it friends! Three simple tips to help set your resume apart from the rest. I hope you enjoyed these. 


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