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November 10, 2019

If you follow me over on Instagram (@mightynursemegan), then you know that I have been a long-time supporter of Nurse Mates. During nursing school, I tried my fair share of shoes. My first pair being sneakers from Dansko. I got them from Nordstrom Rack and loved them! I have always thought clogs looked ugly. I was very excited to get a well-known medical brand footwear in an athletic shoe style. 
After 2 years of clinical hours, I needed a new pair of shoes and also started being an Ambassador for a scrub company at the time. I was generously gifted a few different shoes from different brands but were all in clog style. I did not love them. I think they made my feet look large and they also were hard and uncomfortable. I never understood why someone would want to wear such an uncomfortable shoe for 12hrs. I honestly gave them a solid go, but just could not come to love them.

So how did I discover Nurse Mates? Well, they actually reached out to me! No one in my class or coworkers had heard of them. I was just a few months into my first job when they reached out to me talking about the amazing benefits of their Align technology. Their corrective insole places your foot in the right position to help align your whole body. The first time you put your foot in a pair of shoes, you can feel the difference, but it does not take long to get used to it at all! Easing the stress from your joints and back during those long days on your feet.

I was already sold on their design but the minute I started to wear their shoe was when I was HOOKED. My feet are never achy or swollen at the end of the day! Plus their designs make it easy to wear them outside of work.

Nurse Mates continues to be the only nursing shoe I wear and almost exclusively the only compression socks I wear! I even have gotten a few coworkers hooked (Hi Melissa!). No more tired and achy feet at the end of a long shift. I also do not have any blisters on the backside of my heels. 

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