How to stay organized as a nurse

January 1, 2020

This post has been sponsored by Zebra Pen. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

It is true what they say, that you truly won’t know what it means to be a nurse until you are working as one. So much of nursing school is spent preparing us to be successful on the NCLEX that they forget about teaching us how to take care of both our patients and ourselves. We are not effectively taught how to organize our day and how to decompress after shifts so that we can enjoy our everyday life. It’s no surprise that the World Health Organization has officially classified burnout as an occupational occurrence. But I really want to prevent that from happening to you.

So, grab a Sarasa® Grand Gel Retractable Pen by Zebra Pen and notepad, and take notes on these simple four things you can do to be organized, both in and out of the hospital. 
ONE// Use the right tools
In order to have a successful day, you need to be prepared with the right tools. When I was working on the floor, my number one tool was a stethoscope. Now that I am in an outpatient setting, my number one tool is a pen! Having a quality pen can make all the difference, and it is no surprise that I love something durable and stylish. A Sarasa® Grand pen is not only a useful tool, but it is the right accessory for any job. I love that it writes smoothly and looks clean, which is perfect when you are jotting down information quick—like in report or receiving verbal orders. It also features a sturdy alligator clip to allow for security on your notebooks, clipboards, etc. If you are interested in checking out how you can Choose Different with a Zebra Pen, then click here.

Looking for another successful tool? A report sheet is an absolute must for any nurse on the floor. It is important to make sure that it is tailored to your job as well as having a section to add new orders. My favorite report sheet also had a section to plan out your day with time columns. Talk about perfect! Looking to stand out? Choose the Sarasa® Grand pen to jot down the essentials. It is an affordable premium pen for any confident professional. 

TWO// Organize your supplies
Nurses are notorious for liking their stuff to be in a certain place, whether that is your Sarasa® Grand pen at your desk or alcohol wipes, scissors, and tape in your pockets. I urge you to start out your shifts by making sure everything is in its place. I absolutely love the idea of pocket organizers to make things easy to get to when you need them. 

Now, organization isn’t just with your nursing gear. It is also important to organize your report sheets. Nobody has time to listen to a jumbled report because you wrote down information in sections all over your paper. Take time to make sure everything is in its spot with spaces for treatments and changes in orders.
THREE// Learn to say no
Now, this next tip is huge. Learning how to say no to picking up extra shifts or saying no to hanging out with friends before working a string of shifts is hard. But what you need to know is that everyone will be just fine without you. Your friends will make it without you. Your unit will keep moving without you. Your mental and physical health are way more important. Saying no sometimes is the ultimate self-care. 

FOUR// Use a calendar
To help keep a balance between being a nurse and being a human being, it is important to keep all important appointments, shifts, dates, etc. on one central calendar. If you are like me, then you probably prefer an old school pen and paper. Scheduling plans helps you feel less stressed, and you’ll realize how much more time you actually have. Schedule when you will meal prep, grocery shop, or just vacuum your floors. It feels great when you can check an item off your list!

When I am writing in my planner, I love to use my Sarasa® Grand pen because it does not smear and it has a durable metal barrel. Plus, how cute is it next to my planner? Anyone can afford this quality pen! Especially if you use "MightyNurse25" to receive 25% off on Zebra Pen's site!

And of course, remember to practice self-care! 

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